Teachings of the Sacred Circle

Leah Dorion

For me, art is a spiritual expression. My work is intended to be multisensory. The paintings are tactile, and many times the paint is applied with my own fingers in order to help me connect on a deeper, physical level. I often use other tools that help add dimension and depth to my art. My paintings are intended to be very visually stimulating. It is important to me to incorporate elements of indigenous beadwork to honour my First Nations and Metis women ancestors. In my paintings, I play with light, color value, texture, and movement.

Mapping Iroquoia

Jeff Thomas

When I was a young boy, I visited my elder Emily General at the Six Nations Reserve and enjoyed listening to her tell stories about Iroquois culture and life on the reserve. During one visit, Emily told me about the formation of the Iroquois Confederacy and its architect, a man called the Peacemaker. His vision of peace and unity would bring an end the deadly blood feuds among the Iroquois tribes living in present day New York State.

Crane Girl & Mother Tongue

Susan Telfer

Here’s a secret my grandma told—
why’d she not tell it sooner?—
by phone, at ninety-six years old—
the truth about her mother.

Legends of Little People and other poetry

Nikki Marchand

She danced from the land of Straight Six
He flew from the depths of Round Lake
Carried together on the back of a feather
Into a journey of singers and story tellers

A Lousy Tale

Michael Nicoll Yagulanaas

Once upon a time there was an Englishman who
said that he had named a Pacific Island after a
British Queen. Some said that filled the emptiness
of the Haida inhabitants with the fullness of
George’s wife Queen Charlotte.

An Athabasca Story

Warren Cariou

One winter day Elder Brother was walking in the forest, walking cold and hungry and alone as usual, looking for a place to warm himself. His stomach was like the shrunken dried crop of a partridge. It rattled around inside him as he walked, and with each step he took the sound made him shiver even more.



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